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Remembering is all we will do and for the next 10 weeks …these are the most difficult of the 52…
Because this will be the hardest to remember.. I was lucky enough to visit and sit with Daniel in the ICU. To hold his hand , to pray .. I would send my love, my energy , my strength and anything I had in me that might help him get strong.. I believed that once we were positive, that if I visualised Daniel healthy and happy in the future of course it would happen in time …
The future turned out very different for us all .. It is a sad place without Daniel.
But life does go on .. And people have to move on … I hate those words !

But Daniel has given us so much . We rally round each other, family and friends we reach out and hold one another a little longer and stronger… There are silent conversations between us all… We know we are here for each other..
And Dan is close to us . Watching and minding.
Together Trish we will all remember the happy and the very sad days of Daniels journey…..